Common Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Do you have a studio?

We have a portable photography studio in west palm, which we take to outside locations.  We also use the beauty of the places you chose for your wedding day.  Ours is a home-based business, which means that our overhead is low and we can pass substantial savings on to our clients.

Do you only photograph weddings?

We are most frequently asked to photograph weddings, but would be happy to photograph family reunions, bar and bah mitzvahs, corporate gatherings, or any other celebration you wish to remember in pictures.

Do you offer different photo packages?

We offer an a la carte list of available prints, albums, folios and cards so you may assemble the package you will need.  We believe that this offers our clients the flexibility to decide how they wish to remember their wedding day.

Can I purchase high resolution images of my wedding?

Yes!  We can provide copies of all the high resolution images of your wedding to you on multiple CD’s or on a DVD.

How do I reserve photo services?

We operate on a first come first serve basis.  Your day will be reserved for you with the signing of a contract and the payment of the required deposit.

Can the deposit be applied to another date if I have to change it?

Your deposit may be applied to a new day if our photographers are available for that day as stated in our contact.  Since once a day is booked, other potential clients may be turned away for that day, we can not refund a deposit for a canceled wedding.

Do you do engagement sittings?

Yes.  We work with you to pick a location you like for your background.  If you prefer, we will come to your home to photograph you.

How do I reserve photo services?

We are staffed by two wedding photographers.  You will meet with the photographer who will cover your wedding and will see work from that photographer.  We never contract out our weddings to third parties.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes.  Each photo booth goes to every job with a minimum of two sets of equipment.  This means that in the unlikely event of an equipment failure we can switch to our backup equipment and continue on with no disruption to your day.



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