A Great Fitness Facility

Training Floor
—-With over 4,400 square feet dedicated to sole purpose of strength training and conditioning, Peak Performance houses an unprecedented selection of fitness equipment ranging from Olympic lifting platforms to a custom designed four-column cable crossover system. Other specialty pieces include a Belt Squat Machine, which places the load on the hips in order to avoid back strain, a pulling sled, a vertical jump trainer, a water rower and an assortment of other unique training devices listed under the section Unique Training Equipment. We sought out many of the top instructors, personal trainers and fitness specialists to staff this brand new state of the art health, fitness and rehabilitation facility on W. 21st Street.

Fitness Studio
—-Semi-Private Fitness Classes, including Yoga, Pilates and boxing/kickboxing, will be held in a spacious windowed studio. Classes are open to the public and to the membership at a reduced rate, but will be kept deliberately small to enhance instructor-student interaction. In addition throughout the year, they will also be offering a series of intense six-week programs to be held in the studio, allowing clients to focus on specific topics such as golf training, post-partum rehabilitation and skiing preparation. The studio also contains three retractable boxing bags for additional training opportunities.

Private Shower & Changing Rooms 
—-Instead of communal showers, Peak Performance has opted for private shower and changing rooms each equipped with a shower, pedestal sink, vanity mirror, hair dryer and amenities.

Private Restoration & Regeneration Room {Insert photograph}
—-Peak Performance’s version of a mini-spa with a private combination Steam/Sauna room, Rainforest Shower and Massage Treatment Table.

Light, Sound & Vibration Therapy. 

Juice Bar
—- Available for light health minded snacks, fruit and vitamin smoothies, water and more.

—- We offer both daily lockers as well as permanent lockers. (Yearly fee for a permanent locker = $360.00)

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