Month: July 2017

Welcome Directors And Advisors

BoardSeat carries out placements for board directors and advisory board members. We encourage membership from executives, professionals, academics and others whose experience, skills and contacts are likely to be of interest to our clients.
Benefits of Membership
• Free lifetime membership to our titanium vendors
• Access to director positions
• Access to advisory board positions
• Invitations to special events
We understand and respect your desire for privacy. Your identity is never released to a client or third party without your permission
We understand your time is precious. We have designed a registration process that takes most people less than ten minutes to complete. How We Operate
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Corporate Boards
Find out all you need to know about serving on a Corporate Board.
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Advisory Boards
Find out all you need to know about serving on an Advisory Board.
Advisory Board Opportunities
Nonprofit Boards
Find out why serving on a nonprofit board can be good for your conscience – and your career!
Nonprofit Boards
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